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This year, Srinagar's largest tulip garden will include four new varieties.

    : 2441     :  March 4, 2023, 6:20 am     : countrysidekashmir

The announcement about Asia's largest Tulip garden in Srinagar showcasing new tulip varieties and making improvements to enhance the visitor experience is exciting news for tourists and flower enthusiasts. Here are some key highlights from the announcement:

New Tulip Varieties: The garden is introducing four new tulip varieties – Cap Knowya, Sweet heart, Hamilton, and Christmas dream – imported from Holland. These varieties are expected to add a vibrant range of colors to the garden.

Variety of Flowers: In addition to tulips, the garden typically features 68 colorful varieties of tulip bulbs, as well as other spring flowers like Daffodil, Hyacinth, Muscari, and spring blooming shrubs and trees, making it a delightful attraction for visitors.

Efforts to Beautify the Garden: Over 300 gardeners are working tirelessly to make the garden even more attractive to tourists. The beauty of the garden is expected to be enhanced with the addition of fountains and the extension of the water channel.

Accessibility: The garden aims to cater to all visitors by providing wheelchairs for specially abled individuals and senior citizens. The development of green spaces in the garden also offers a place for relaxation.

Record Visitors: In the previous year, the garden attracted a record number of visitors, including international tourists from around the world. The garden's popularity is likely to continue, especially with the introduction of new tulip varieties.

Opening Date: The specific date for the garden's official opening has not been decided yet, but it is anticipated that the tulip bulbs will bloom soon if the weather remains favorable.

Overall, the garden's ongoing efforts to diversify its flower varieties and improve its amenities for visitors are expected to make it an even more enchanting destination for nature lovers and tourists.